Sunday, April 10, 2011

other desert cities

I've created a new weblog for my archaeological musings here:

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The bad thing about Twitter is that it enables and validates my already-insufficient attention span.

Highlight of the past few months: I will be moving to Cambridge, MA next fall to complete my Indiana Jones training at Harvard; thus, the exciting corollary: moving away from Provo, UT. It won't be happening if I can't TCB here, so onwards I plug with little social life to speak of and waning eyesight acuity.

My cousin is in town to visit during her Spring Break. Luckily, the SF Festival of Colors was going off the day she arrived, so if she doesn't get to do anything else for the rest of the week (which is a real possibility, given my schedule, but I'll try not to make it so!), at least she has beautiful memories of that one Saturday long ago.

I hope to post more, but Twitter's brevity is too attractive. I should have lots to say around the end of April, when I go to St. Louis for the SAAs and California to pay the family a visit.